BRUNSWICK, GA -- The appropriateness of mixing Confederate symbols during the Christmas season is being questioned by some religious leaders in Brunswick.

The annual Christmas parade is just weeks away with the Sons of Confederate Veterans signed up to participate -- something they've done for the past 20 years.

"We would love to sit down and come up with a healthy compromise," said Pastor John Perry who heads up Brunswick NAACP.

"I think they have a right to their history, I think the question that people are raising is this the right way to go about honoring their history," said Perry.

The confederate flag, the Pastor said, is a reminder of a period of racism that does fit into Christmas season.

Scott Newborn with the Sons of Confederate Veterans said he was not aware of any problems calling participation in the parade as traditional.

Boots Floyd who has both American and confederate flags at his business says it is all about heritage.

"The American flag and the rebel flag both on the war what's the difference I either one of them each flag contains a different thing for different people," said Floyd.

The pastors who are expressing concern have not decided how far they will push the issue.