JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A local family displaced by a fire will have a roof over their head until Friday. They say despite the tragedy, they are grateful for the response the community has given.

"Knowing you have another day or two of breathing room means a lot," said Sandra Griffin, displaced by fire.

Griffin says two of her good friends have paid her family's hotel room for four more nights. They lost almost everything in a fire that started in the kitchen of the trailer they were renting and now everything they own fits into their hotel room.

"What we're pulling out that doesn't look like its burned, like I said, three quarters of it probably won't be salvageable probably will never be able to get the smell out of it," said Griffin.

The family says they are grateful to have each other and to have found their cat Tiki unharmed. But now they're faced with the worries of tomorrow.

"I don't make a lot. I was paying $550 where I was renting before and when you're week to week like I am, and especially until business picks up again at work, that's probably about the extent of my limit now," said Griffin.

Griffin hopes to find a new place in the same area on the Westside so her 16-year-old daughter Shayla and her 18-year-old son Philip can continue going to school at Edward H. White High School. The three have been leaning on each other during these tough times.

"I had a view of the world that yeah, not everything's perfect or anything but I got a family, I got a roof over my head and clothes on my back and that's more than what some people in the world have right now," said Philip Griffin.

The family has an account set up for donations for anyone who would like to help. The account is through Wells Fargo under Sandra Griffin. The account number is 1747747408.