ORLANDO, Fla. -- A disabled couple in South Orange County said they're being kicked while they are down.

Barbara Gorski is 64, has breast cancer, arthritis and can barely walk. Andrew Gorski, 67, has prostate cancer, a spinal cord injury, and can barely walk.

Their son, Darren Chase, 39, moved in with his parents at Gulfstream Harbor to help take care of them.

The community is evicting the family because Chase isn't old enough to live in the 55 and over community.

"They can't take care of themselves on their own, I do everything for them," said Chase.

The family has to leave the premises no later than Dec. 17 because it is continuing to harbor the underage occupant.

"They are throwing us out. It's not right. We have nowhere to go, we mind our own business, it's just not fair," said Barbara Gorski.

WESH 2's Michelle Meredith tried to get the community's side of the story, but the property manager offered no insight.

"It's not like he is some 18-year-old throwing wild parties," said Gorski.

Paperwork offers more insight. Age is not the only issue. Chase has two pit bulls and that is not allowed at Gulfstream Harbor. Some neighbors are sympathetic, some are not.

"Rules are supposed to be hard fast," said one resident.

The Gorskis have their home up for sale. They are asking for an extension until they can sell it.u