WAYCROSS, Ga. -- She walks and talks with the dead, 'The Walking Dead', that is. A local 9-year-old girl landed a role in a hit TV show, but her talents extend beyond the big screen.

Kennedy Brice has wanted to be an actress since she was6 years old.

"I don't even remember what the movie was, lots of action and big explosions, it looked really cool and she goes, 'mom I want to be up there' and I said 'okay Ken, I don't know how but we will figure it out,'" said Amy Brice, Kennedy's mother.

At 9 years old she's landed the role of 'Molly', a character still new to hit AMCTV show 'The Walking Dead.' Molly is one of the child survivors on the show and Kennedy is still learning about her character.

"I'm a huge fan of the show and it's a little overwhelming in kind of a good way to be on set," said Kennedy.

She's been on the set just outside of Atlanta twice. But before her appearance on a show that's reaching over 20 million viewers in its fourth season, Kennedy has faced her share of ups and downs.

"I see how hard she works and people see our highlighted reel, people don't see our behind the scenes reel," said Amy. "She's been through heartaches and hurt."

Kennedy has a prosthetic eardrum in her left ear.

"One day I looked over at her and she had blood running down the side of her face," said Amy.

Kennedy's ear drum ruptured several years ago, and for a long time she couldn't hear out of her left ear. But she continued pursuing her dream and even used her talents to speak in public about her disability.

"When I was little I had very many ear infections, I even think my first word might have been amoxicillin," said Kennedy in a YouTube video.

But it never slowed her down one bit.

"I'm going to school for a little bit then I've got dance, well I mean I've got piano, then dance, then I've got to come home and memorize the rest of those lines and then do that audition and then it's going to be late when I finish that andI'm still going to have to like walk my dog and deal with her. I'm going to have a really busy day today," said Kennedy.

Even with all that's on her plate, the young actress is using her name to fundraise for a very special cause.

"Mattie and Amris are two little girls in our hometown with cancer and I want no recognition for it, just signing autographs," said Kennedy as she talked about a fundraiser she held to raise money for the girls.

Kennedy says she doesn't want her success to get in the way of helping others.

"I think the important thing in the situation would be to help those that need more help than I do right now," added Kennedy.

The fourthgrader still goes to school and does her homework and like any other child she faces hardships. She's become an advocate for the campaign 'stomp out bullying.'

"I still, like most kids, have people that are mean to me and bully me and stuff."

It's no secret Kennedy has a lot to be proud of, but she still gets embarrassed when her mom talks about her talents.

"I am so proud of Kennedy, not just for the fact that she's a talented actress, a writer, and artist, and musician, (Kennedy interrupts, 'Okay, we get it,'), but because she's such a kind person," Amy says.