ORANGE PARK, Fla. -- The love for Logan keeps coming in.

This little guy lives in Orange Park. He's only 5 years old but doctors say he's just not going to pull through. He has stage 4 cancer, a rare childhood cancer called neuroblastoma.

We've asked if you can help with gift cards or groceries, that would be great because his grandmother is raising him and she's lost her job. Logan's mom died two days after she gave birth to Logan.

It's just sad, but look at all the good happening. These bags are full of food and paper products for Logan's family. Debbie White emailed us and said she just wanted to help, so she came to First Coast News on Tuesday with her car packed.

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"I'm a missionary that goes to the Dominican every year. I work with children there as well. It's just something about a little child ... breaks my heart. I've recently had a string of surgeries and people were there for me and this is one way I can give back," White said.

On Wednesday, we're having an early Christmas party for Logan and we can let you in on a big surprise: Logan loves Batman and a really nice guy at our TV station has volunteered to dress up as batman.. and help santa give logan presents tomorrow.

We'll show you pictures and video from the big event on First Coast News at 6 and on

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