MIDDLEBURG, Fla. -- For the first time Julieta Wilde is seeing images of the damage straight from her hometownBaybay City, Leyte, but she says her village sustained less destruction than others.

"In Tacloban it's a devastation; it's a horrific scene," said Wilde.

Twoof her nephews andone niece are dead.

"I got that news yesterday after the parade and that's how I kind of like broke down," said Wilde.

Wilde says one niece who works at the airport in Tacloban has an incredible survival story.

"She was telling my family that's how she survived, she was using dead bodies as a flotation when the tidal wave hit shore," said Wilde.

Back in Leyte, she thinks everyone is okay, from what one of her nieces was able to tell her briefly over the phone. There's no electricity and Wilde says many of the people are traveling to the university in Leyte to charge their cell phones.

"My house still standing except it was flooded and all the windows are broken," said Wilde.

Her house also served as shelter for several family members and neighbors, but there are over 20 relatives unaccounted for.

"All I can do is to be strong and keep on praying, keep on asking God to give me strength and courage," added Wilde.

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