NEW SMYRNA BEACH, Fla. -- While working on the story of a Volusia County dispatcher who was suspended for three days, WESH 2 reporter Claire Metz had a gun pulled on her Tuesday.

Metz had gone to the home of Shauna Justice to get her side of the story. Justice was suspended because her superiors said she was using her cellphone in September while her dispatch trainee took a call.

Emergency responders ended up at the wrong address, and the victim suffered a heart attack and ultimately died.

Justice was arrested after the incident involving the WESH 2 News crew at about 1:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Metz walked up to her door on Jungle Road without a camera or microphone to see if she would share her story.

Justice opened the door with a gun in her hand, pointing at Metz's head, cursing at her and telling her to leave her property.

"The gun was no more than a foot or two from my head, and Ms. Justice held it on me until I backed away to our truck," Metz said.

Metz's videographer took a picture, and Justice lowered the gun to her side.

"When I showed up today, apparently I was the last straw. Investigators say they were obligated to file a report, and I felt obligated to report it because what if someone else went there afterwards," said Metz.

Responding deputies told Metz that Justice is emotionally distraught because of the recent media attention on her suspension.

The incident that led to her suspension was recorded on video camera and shows Justice using her personal cellphone while her trainee was taking the call.

"We need some help. We're at the Ormond Rec, and one of our friends collapsed at the racquet ball court," the caller said. "Actually, its Nova Road and Wilmette in Ormond Beach."

The trainee guided friends of the victims through CPR, and the sheriff's internal investigators made note of that, but in the comments to the emergency responders, the trainee only entered the Ormond Rec Center as a locator, not the specific cross streets.

Just over nine minutes into the call, he had realized his mistake, and the victim's friends were desperately wondering where help was.

"What else is close to you other than the racquet ball courts?" the trainee asked. "The units are having trouble finding you."

Supervisors said Justice was not only using her phone, but later she was chatting up others in the center, violating any number of policies and not paying attention to the crisis.