CEBU CITY, PHILIPPINES -- With a death toll estimated to be near 10,000 the situation in the Philippines is almost beyond imagination.

First Coast News spoke with a Jacksonville man living in Cebu City inthe Philippines. His name is Les Tilka and he is with Christian Light Ministries.

He tells us his group is alright and they were not in the main path of Typhoon Haiyan, but he has surveyed some of the devastated areas.

"We've done some aerial surveys in those areas and it really looks equivalent of a tornado that was 40 miles wide that come through and just made a path and destroyed everything in its path," says Tilka.

He says on Friday night the winds and rain were strong in Cebu City, but for the cities in the main path of Typhoon Haiyan conditions quickly deteriorated. On a nearby island, evacuees could not find safety.

"Even the evacuation centers were destroyed on that island. The roof collapsed at the evacuation center and killed all the people inside the evacuation center," describes Tilka.

Before the typhoon hit, Tilka and his group were helping victims of a 7.2 magnitude earthquake on the island of Bohol. Now with this disaster's death toll estimated to be near 10,000 people, Tilka fears the number may end up being even higher than that.

"So I am sure the death toll is going to rise because there are areas they have not gotten to, remote areas. There are 7,000 islands in the Philippines, so there were people told to evacuate and didn't, so I am sure the death toll is going to rise," he says.

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