PUTNAM COUNTY, Fla. --Through a crime reduction operation in Putnam County, police were able to arrest several individuals, including a sex offender, for various probation violations.

The Florida Department of Corrections Parole, the Putnam County Sheriff's Office Street Crimes Unit and probation officers teamed up for a compliance initiative to ensure that people currently on probation were adhering to the stipulations of their probation.

Deputies and probation officers went to the home of Wilvern Hagans and found a child inside his residence. Hagans was on probation for aggravated battery and unlawful sexual activity with a minor.

This incident was a direct violation of Hagans' probation and he was immediately arrested.

The child's mother was also inside the home and deputies were able to determine that the child had not been a victim of a crime.

There were 15 sex offenders checked during the crime operations and nine were arrested.

Here is a list of individuals arrested:

  • Wilvern Hagans, 40
  • Harrell B. Garner, 47
  • Ryan Mulhall, 34
  • Marcus Shorter, 31
  • Vanessa Currie, 39
  • Ulyee Davis, III, 26
  • Shawn Bear, 20
  • Laura Ann Carlisle, 26
  • Thomas Robert Chadsey, 59