JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Puffing on the playground? Not for long if a local lawmaker gets his way.

Senator Rob Bradley has proposed a law that would ban smoking on public playgrounds.

"On your mark! GET SET! GO," said 7-year-old Nybella Thomas.

The only person Terry Thomas wants to keep in line is Nybella.

But she says too often at the playground, it's other adults who are the problem.

"It makes you turn in to the bad guy when you have to say something to them, or give them the ugly eye," Terry said.

For what? Smoking.

"You're at the playground, with small kids, and a smoker will choose to sit near you and light up," Terry said.

Thomas says she sees people lighting up all the time in the playground with her daughter close by, and it's hard for her to bite her tongue.

"There should be a proper time and place for everything, and maybe smoking in playgrounds is not appropriate," Terry said.

Thomas says she fully supports the proposed law that would ban people from smoking in public playgrounds around the state.

"It's something that you wish that you didn't have to legislate it, but people are not considerate enough to consider who is around them, so perhaps it's a necessity," Terry said.

The law would only fine smokers if they refused to put out their cigarette or smoke in another area after they were asked to leave, with Thomas thinks is fair.

"They'll know that they've been given notice, and they can go to another part of the park, no questions asked, no problem, and they're OK, you're OK, no problem," said Terry.

Senator Rob Bradley tried to pass similar legislation last year that would have banned smoking outside of all public buildings, but that one never even made it to a vote.