BAKER COUNTY, Fla. -- Three men accused of badly beating an elderly Baker County man during a home invasion are scheduled to appear in court Tuesday. Johnny Johnson suffered broken ribs, a fractured cheekbone, swelling of the brain, he's now confined to a wheelchair and forced to live in a nursing home.

"His life has gone from being self reliant to being watched by other people, being cleaned by other people," said Tammie Mathews.

She was brought to tears while speaking about her 72-year-old father's current condition.

It's been less than two months since Johnson was badly beaten during a home invasion in Baker County. The bruises on his face have healed but the lasting effects of that attack are obvious.

"My dad doesn't recognize any of them by name anymore," said Mathews. "And sometimes he doesn't remember they're his grandchildren."

Marquel Davis, Mardreakus Ford and Dedrick Jones are all suspected of barging into Johnson's home, stealing his money, gun, a TV and his truck. They face a list of charges including motor vehicle theft and aggravated abuse of the elderly.

Mathews says the man she grew up admiring for his strength and courage will never be the same. She says he hasn't eaten in seven weeks, he's surviving on ice cream cups.

Mathews was recently told by the nursing home he'll never be able to go home.

"He still thinks he's coming home," said Mathews. "Every day he tells them I'm going home."

Mathews wants whoever is behind the beating of her father to pay for what they've done.

"Justice for me is a long time in prison. A long, long time in prison," Mathews said.

Johnson also lost his two Yorkie dogs during the home invasion. One of them Lucy, has been found and the other, Tink, Mathews says virtually everyone in the small town of Macclenny is helping to find her.

She also says in the past people have felt comfortable with keeping their doors open including her father.

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  • Minimize bushes where intruders can hide before their ambush.
  • Use the peephole before opening your door to anyone