JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- It's the day the Dawgs and Gators fans dread. The day they have to leave all the Florida-Georgia fun behind.

L.C. Appling is heading back to Flowery Branch, Georgia outside Atlanta.

The party is over in RV City. Many Florida-Georgia fans arrived in Jacksonville in their RV's as early as 11 days ago to get in line to move in this past Wednesday.

Sunday is move out morning, just hours after Georgia held on for a 23-20 win over Florida.

FCN talked to some fans this morning getting ready to head out of town after a few days of fun.

"This is where the work begins here, it's packing up, getting ready to go home and say goodbye to all your friends. Just one of those days you deal with," Appling said.

Fans of all ages chip in like Brianna Cuevas of Jacksonville. Sugar, the pet dog of some dawgs fans already in her seat and ready to go.

Georgia fan Cliff Horton is up early and getting ready to go back home to Savannah.

" The morning after is always the worst part. It is fun win or lose, but it's always more fun if you win," Horton said.

That's the case for Dawgs fan Canaan Combs who was staying with several Gators. Combs is sweeping up his camping space getting ready to head back to Macclenney.