JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Dozens of RVs are already parked in the designated areas of Downtown, prepping for the big Florida-Georgia game next weekend.

"First come, first serve. Think we're number 19 in line this year," said Ronnie Hilliard, a Gator fan.

Thousands are expected to attend the game and the planning starts months in advance for hardcore fans.

"Months ahead of time; we start planning on who's going to bring what, there's a lot of planning," said Hilliard. "We came down here Friday; it's a ten day event for us."

And it's a weeklong event for Downtown businesses as well. The Jacksonville Sports Tavern is planning on having live music every night leading up the game.

"I don't think you can actually do enough preparations for this week because I think it gets insane, but we're going to be manned up with hand-picked team of staff and be ready to serve for all the Florida Gators and all the Georgia Bulldogs," said Johnny Rios, General Manager of the Jacksonville Sports Tavern.

'Underbelly' Downtown is also doubling the size of its staff next weekend.

"We're going to have an outdoor bar, good drink specials, and a great band from Athens, Georgia called 'Bloodkin,'" said Michael Boff, Manager at Underbelly.

The drinks are expected to be flowing, but so will the traffic. The Florida Department of Transportation aims to have the Mathews Bridge open by Tuesday.