JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Norwood Elementary School has been sitting idle for five years since it was sold as surplus property, but soona community center will open on the school grounds.

The school's auditorium will become the community center that will be called North Brookside. In another couple of weeks, work will be wrapped up withdedication set forearly December.

"If someone wants to have a wedding and reception and cannot afford a bigplace, they can come here," said Bishop E. M. Johnson, who heads up Grace and Truth Community Development Corporation.

That groupbought the property five years ago and has been working out details ever since to get the project off the ground.

The big picture includes building a new apartment complex with 70 units for seniors. Those apartments would be affordable, Johnson said, costing $500-600 for a two bedroom. That project is the second phase and should becompletedwithin two years.

The second phase also includes renovating the school building whichwould house a pharmacy and health facilities for seniors.

"Big dreams" is how Bishop Johnson describes the project, which when completed will represent a $12 million investments in the Norwood community.