JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A college freshman finds herself stranded in Jacksonville, hundreds of miles away from home. When she reached out to family and friends but couldn't get through on her cell phone she turned to Facebook for help.

The young lady asked First Coast News not to use her name in this story. She made a move many parents would advise their teenagers not to do by posting a plea for help on a Facebook chat group.

From North Carolina on her way to visit a friend in Georgia Wednesday afternoon, a teenage girl says she got lost and ended up in Jacksonville. Out of gas and afraid, she quickly called for help.

"My family wasn't answering and friends didn't have the money to give me," said the teenage girl.

So she turned to Facebook, and wrote this plea, "I am stranded in Jacksonville, Florida and I am afraid and scared.. praying I can get home. Mom and Dad are not answering and none of my friends have the money. I just want to go home."

"A lot of things on Facebook is a scam," said Randy Coleman. "But she wrote it in a way that I knew it was a call for help."

About 600 people commented on her post. Many of them thought it was scam. But Navy man and father of two Coleman said he had a feeling this was legit and he had to help out. The help she needed included more than just gas money. A tube connected to her gas pump broke off and her car need repairs totaling nearly $200.

"If it happened to my child, I would want someone to help out," said Coleman.

Coleman paid for the repairs, another stranger online sent her money to stay in a hotel overnight, and she got enough funds to fill up her Mustang and hit the road.

"I am truly grateful," said the teen. "I cried last night and thanked God for the help."