STARKE, Fla. -- More than a month ago, Starke Elementary School was shut down due to mold in the buildingandstudents were sent to other nearby schools.

First Coast News has learned the clean-up is going to cost a fortune.

The Bradford County School District estimates it will cost nearly $2 million to make the school safe for students and faculty.

On Tuesday, teachers were told students will likely be allowed back into their classrooms at Starke Elementary on Tuesday March 18, right after Spring Break.

Pictures showed mold under chairs, in air vents and under cafeteria tables.

"We've continued to do testing in a variety of ways and there is testing and monitoring that will go on through the end of the project. When finally it will be cleared by mold specialists and indoor air quality specialists and cleared for students to come back in," Bradford County Superintendent Chad Farnsworth said.

A letter will be sent home to parents Thursday.