JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- As the partial government shutdown continues, many workers across Floridaand the nation deemed essential by the US government are working. But there'sa catch.

A man who says he is a TSA agent tells First Coast News he isn'tgetting paid. We're protecting his identity.

The man says he works at JacksonvilleInternational Airport as a Transportation Security Administration agent and hesays neither he nor his coworkers are getting paid.

When you come to Jacksonville International Airport or any major US Airport,Transportation Security Administration agents are some of your first line ofdefense before you get on a plane.

"I think they do a terrific job under a lot of pressure," saidBrett Snyder a passenger from Jacksonville.

TSA security screeners are on the job. One man, we will call him BobHamilton, says he's one of them at JIA.

"I like the job," Hamilton said.

Hamilton says he is not getting paid while working during the partialgovernment shutdown.

"It's a hassle," he said. "What do I tell my creditor? Whatdo I tell the bank when they want their money? What do I tell my landlord?

Government workers like TSA agents Deemed essential, who are working will bepaid for their work during the shutdown. But they are still dealing withdelayed paychecks. For load employees have to have congressional approval toget back pay.

"This is about just letting folks know that we still come to workevery day, even though we're not getting paid. It's not just about the folksthat are sitting home." Hamilton explained.

"I think that all the Federal workers who are working should be gettingpaid." Snyder said. "And the Congressmen should not be gettingpaid."

Regardless, Hamilton said he wants you to know.

"We're here to serve you and we're going to do a good jobeveryday."

From the TSA, sent to me today, Friday

"TSA transportation security, including aviation passenger screening,as well as the TSA Federal Air Marshal Service will remain operational underthe government shutdown because they have been deemed law enforcementnecessary or necessary for the safety of life and protection of property."