JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A healing hotel. That's what one woman is calling the Courtyard Marriott at the MAYO Clinic.

Margaret Brown, who suffers from a very painful and rare illness, has called the hotel "home" for more than five weeks. Brown says the staff has been just as much a part of her healing process as her physicians at Mayo.

Following a surgery on her rotator cuff, Brown developed Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. On September 3rd she began to seek treatment at the Mayo Clinic.

Brown, who lives in Greenville, South Caroline, says there are a few things she can always count the Courtyard Marriott at Mayo, including a warm greeting, support and a hug when needed.

"I've seen her walk by me on her worse days," said Brittany Adam who works as a housekeeper at the hotel. "She looks like she's not ready for the world. All I can do is say come on Margaret just smile. I know it's hard but you can push through it."

Brown has come a long way since first arriving in Jacksonville. She says she couldn't move her swollen and then discolored hand. Even tasks like using her cell phone proved to be difficult. Brown says without the love and care she received not just at Mayo, but also at "home," she couldn't have made it this far.

"They'll say Margaret how is your arm today? How did therapy go? That in itself means so much," said Brown. "Today I'm happy and I'm excited. I have my life back. But I'm also sad because I feel like I'm saying goodbye to family."

Brown has her last therapy treatment at the Mayo Clinic Friday afternoon. She's checking out from the Courtyard Marriott at the MAYO Saturday morning, and says it will be bitter sweet.