VALDOSTA, Ga. -- Kendrick Johnson would have turned 18 on Thursday with his birthday celebrated by a public plea for more answers about his death.

Outside the Lowndes County Courthouse chants of "no peace, no justice" were heard as the Johnson family called their son's death a murder mystery.

"Unfortunately it is not fiction this a really life murder mystery where these parents sent their son to school with a book bag and he was returned to them in a body bag," said Benjamin Crump who recently joined the legal team.

Johnson was found in a rolled up gym mat this past January at Lowndes County High School.

Investigators concluded the teen's death was accidental tied to suffocation.

The Johnson family doesn't buy that explanation and got a court to have a second autopsy done this summer. The results of that autopsy suggested foul play.

The Johnson family is pressing the school system and the Sheriff's office to release surveillance video from cameras inside the gym. They believe seeing what happened inside the gym can answer many of their questions.

Kenneth Johnson, Kendrick's father said seeing those pictures is important.

"I want so say to the school to Sheriff's department lets give him (Kendrick) a good present...give us the video tape," said the dad from the steps of the courthouse.

The Lowndes County Sheriff's Department says its investigation is closed. The department could not be reached for comment on the family demands to see surveillance video.

The U.S Attorneys Office in Georgia is reviewing the case and has not decided on whether to open a criminal investigation.