JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The museums in Jacksonville are extending their admission for furloughed federal workers and their families through the weekend.

The Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens, MOCA Jacksonville and MOSH are participating in the event, which beganThursday.

They will offer free admission for employees and their family who are out of work due to the government shutdown through October 13.

"Jacksonville's arts and culture community is honored to reach out to our neighbors who are impacted by the federal furlough of employees," said Maria Hane, executive director of MOSH. "Museums, libraries, zoos, theaters and performances are avenues for respite during stressful times and we hope this will offer some relief - and appreciation - for those who are impacted in our own community."

The opportunity is made possible with support from the City of Jacksonville Environmental Protection Board, a MOSH press release said.

For further information refer to Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens, MOCA Jacksonville and MOSH website or social media pages for admission details.