ORLANDO, Fla. - Orange County deputies have arrested the man they said used his phone to shoot video up women's skirts at a Target store.

Officials said 28-year-old Nicholas Fusaro, a former Marine, was arrested early Thursday morning.

The incident, from Oct. 2, was caught on surveillance footage at the Target on Alafaya Trail, in the University of Central Florida area.

Authorities said security was alerted because of Fusaro's odd behavior -- rushing into the store and heading straight to the dog food, placing a bag on his shopping cart.

Loss prevention staff then tracked him and noticed him bend down behind a clothes rack and tuck his cellphone underneath the dog food.

Fusaro then pushed his cart up against the victim, investigators said.

Security workers approached him and asked him to leave the store. He complied and left on a motorcycle, his face covered with a distinctive mask.

Deputies said Fusaro also was identified in a case of video voyeurism at a Walmart store on East Colonial Drive on Wednesday night. Officials said in that incident Fusaro also placed a cellphone under a bag of dog food in his cart so he could film under women's skirts.

According to authorities, Fusaro was wearing the same clothing he had on during the incident at Walmart when he was taken into custody.

Additional charges are possible.