TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- The Florida Department of Law Enforcement on Wednesday announced a new function on its sex offender search website that allows users to search for offenders working at or attending school at Florida's college campuses.

The new search feature was funded by the Florida Legislature after a bill was introduced by state Sen. Eleanor Sobel, according to a release from FDLE.

"To enhance public safety and in the spirit of cooperation, the Florida Legislature, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and Florida Sheriffs have created greater public awareness of sexual predators on our post-secondary campuses," Sobel said.

The law requires all sex offenders to report the employment and school enrollment to local law enforcement.

Of the 60,000 sex offenders and predators in the state online registry, more than 600 are tied to post secondary institutions, according to the release.

First Coast News searched the registry and looked up some of the postsecondary institutions in Northeast Florida. No offenders came up for the University of North Florida, Jacksonville University or Flagler College.

Of all of Florida State College at Jacksonville's campuses, Downtown had the most offenders at 13, while FSCJ's Aviation Center of Excellence had none. Note: Some offenders showed up more than once in the searches of FSCJ's different campuses.

Click here to search the University section of FDLE's Florida Sexual Offenders and Predators search.