A prisoner about to be sentenced at the Monroe County courthouse broke out, stole a patrol car and led officers on a chase, according to Forsyth police Sgt. David Asbell.

Asbell said the man is now back in custody.

The man, whose name has not yet been released, was reportedly caught on Interstate 75.

Asbell referred further questions on the case to the Monroe County Sheriff's Office, which did immediately return phone calls.

Darryl Gates was delivering mail in the downtown Forsyth square when he said he saw the suspect running from the courthouse with deputies chasing him.

"He got into an older model pick-up truck and started driving in reverse around the square at a high rate of speed with deputies (in patrol cars) following him," Gates said.

He then lost track of the chase as he continued his delivery route.

Gates said the vehicles reemerged on West Johnston Street and he was very surprised at what he saw next.

"The pick-up loses control and flips on the street," said Gates. "I figured then it was over but he (suspect) climbed out of the vehicle and they were shouting commands at him to 'get on the ground,' with their guns pointing at him and he just kept walking towards them."

The suspect, Gates said, then got into a patrol car that was running and drove off.

"They fired at him - 10 to 12 shots," said Gates. "I think one hit the tire."