ORLANDO, Fla. -- Deputies are looking for a video voyeur who is targeting children at an Orange County Best Buy store.

The activity occurred at a South Orange Blossom Trail store. Deputies released video of the alleged voyeur on Thursday.

"This guy is a predator, he is someone that's in the store casing the store looking for young females," Capt. Angelo Nieves said.

Watch: Video voyeur sought in Orange County

Nieves said the voyeur is looking for girls under the age of 10.

On Sept. 18, surveillance cameras inside the store captured video of the man lurking and victimizing girls.

"What he is actually doing is using his phone to gather photos and video from under the children's dresses," Nieves said.

The video shows the voyeur standing next to a girl, pretending to look at merchandise, then bending down and videotaping the girl as he rubs her legs. A Best Buy employee saw what what going on and confronted him, so the voyeur ran off.

"If he is doing that, he has to be doing more or have intentions of going even further," parent Gale Miranda said. "He's got to be stopped."