ORLANDO, Fla. -- The search is on for a group of assailants after a person was hurt in a home invasion in Orange County on Wednesday.

"They came in, put them all on the ground at gunpoint and pistol-whipped the lady almost immediately," said Orange County Sheriff's Office Sgt. P. Parks Duncan.

Orange County Sheriff's Office deputies said six armed men are sought in the invasion.

The assailants kicked in the home's front entrance and attacked the family, deputies said.

Deputies said the family was targeted for something in the home, but did not give further detail.

According to authorities, they know who they are looking for because of surveillance cameras positioned on neighboring homes.

"They got what they were looking for and we are hopeful that we will trace back to them eventually," said Duncan. "We think we are comfortable that we can bring these people to justice soon."

Neighbors said they have been broken into before and that is why they have installed the security cam.