JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- On Wednesday, many people who were stranded in Jacksonville are on their way to their destinations. But there were some people who were still stuck in Jacksonville.

"I'm ready to go home. I'm tired," Michael Brown, 26, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania said frankly. "It's been a rough experience."

Brown was stuck in Jacksonville on Wednesday. He said he missed his flight after Jacksonville International Airport was evacuated because of two suspicious packages found at the airport Tuesday night. According to airport a JAX Airport spokesman, roughly 23 flights were cancelled Tuesday, stranding hundreds of passengers in Jacksonville.

"There's no other words to put it. You're aggravated," Brown said matter-of-factly. "You have the same clothes on, the same shoes on."

Devin Williams, 22, of Jacksonville, returned home Wednesday afternoon after his flight from Houston was cancelled Tuesday. He said he spent the night sleeping at the airport in Houston.

"I was very concerned," he said. "I was like 'Am I ever going to get home? Am I going to be stuck in Houston for hours and hours on end?'"

Sebastian Boily of Tallahassee was stuck in Charlotte, North Carolina. On your side, the Department of Transportation's Passenger Protectionssays passengers who are involuntarily bumped from an oversold flight who have short delays will receive compensation up to $650, while those subject to longer delays would receive payments, up to $1,300.

"Twenty-four hours of my life are gone," Boily said about being stranded in North Carolina because of the evacuation of Jacksonville International Airport.

Boily spent $65 on a hotel while in Charlotte and money on food. He doesn't know if he'll get it back.

Brown also spent a few bucks on food.

The Department of Transportation's websitesays if your flight is cancelled, most airlines will rebook you on a flight to your destination at no charge. Spokespersons for American Airlines, Southwest Airlines/AirTran Airways, US Airways and Jet Blue Airways tell First Coast News they are doing just that for affected passengers.

First For You, the D.O.T website says airlines are not required to compensate passengers whose flights are delayed or cancelled for passengers like Brown who says he wants to "get back to Pittsburgh safely."

FCN called all of the airlines that service Jacksonville International Airport. Here is a breakdown about what is being done for stranded passengers and if passengers will be reimbursed for expenses.

US Airways

Spokesman Todd Lehmacher said "since last night's security incident in JAX was outside the airline's control (unlike a cancellation due to maintenance for instance), we would not provide compensation or hotel rooms/reimbursement. Customer are being re-accommodated on other flights (there is no additional charge to the customer of course)."

American Airlines

Spokesman Matt Miller said they have waived change fees with flight re-booking. Customers' bags were made available to them Tuesday night after the airport reopened. Other passengers got their bags Wednesday morning. Miller said the airline would most likely not reimburse passengers for things like hotel stays or car rentals or other expenses because the Tuesday night event was out of the airline's control.

Southwest Airlines/AirTran Airways

Spokesman Brad Hawkins said they thank passengers for their for their patience. The airline cooperated with authorities. Hawkins said the airline re-accommodated passengers on other flights with no change fees for affected passengers.

Jet Blue Airways

Affected customers will be put on flights to their destinations today (Wednesday). There will be no additional costs for them.