ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. -- While the federal government is shutdown, county offices are still open. One of those still open is the St. Johns County Veterans Service Office in St. Augustine.

Gloria White stopped by the office Wednesday to file a claim for her husband for V.A. health and pension benefits.

"He was in the naval reserves," she said.

As she left she said, "The only thing they told me that they have no idea if the government shutdown will have an impact or not. So we'll just have to wait and see."

"I don't think it will have a major impact on the veterans as of to date. It may be long term if it continues to go on," Joseph McDermott said. He is the St. Johns County Veterans Service Officer.

In the last two days of the partial government shutdown he has received questions from vets about getting their checks.

"Right now, I'm seeing on the V.A. website, up to the end of October, everything is still flowing. I guess it depends thereafter," McDermott noted.

He pointed out that the V.A. hospitals and clinics are still open. Also, interments at national cemeteries will be done on a reduced schedule.

He advises veterans and their families to check out the V.A. website which has recently posted information about the shutdown.

McDermott will continue to submit pension and service connected compensation claims to the regional V.A. office.

"I'm not sure about the status of those claims coming in, whether the V.A. is processing them or not," he noted. "I want to get the claims to the regional office en we'll leave it to them. I've not heard anything otherwise that they're not."

He and his staff will do as much as they can for the vets who come in their door.

"They looked out for us. Why shouldn't we look out for them?," he asked.

Meanwhile, White and her husband -- people who stand to feel the impact of a shutdown government -- wait and see if the federal government will help him as well.

"It depends on our wonderful politicians," White said. "It's all political. You can plainly see that."

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