JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The contract with the company that is slated to fix the Mathews Bridge began Wednesday, but the physical work on the bridge likely wont begin until the weekend.

Superior Construction of Indiana had to do shop drawings to make the parts needed to fix the bridge, according to Florida Department of Transportation District 2 Public Information Director Gina Busscher.

The shop drawings have about 72 hours to be approved, so the physical work is likely to begin this weekend.

Superior will work every day on the bridge. The company gets a $50,000 incentive for each day it is under 30 days in completing the project.

The company has a maximum of 40 days to complete the repairs and FDOT is working to get the bridge back open within 30 days, Busscher said.

The center span of the bridge was damaged when it was hit by a ship on Thursday, Sept. 26.