JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Families waited for hours outside the Jacksonville International Airport for their loved ones to get off the planes.

"I am so happy I got to hug my daughter and so happy everyone is safe," said Gigi Rosada.

Her daughter Mary is training to be a flight attendant and was on board travelling for her final tests when the plane landed at JIA.

Jacksonville International Airport evacuated due to a suspicious packages

"You remain calm, there's procedures for everything," said Rosada.

She said the pilots and flight attendants on her plane kept them updated for 2 hours as they sat on the tarmac, but it was a different scene outside, where families say they were left in the dark.

"Very scary. I pulled up and they said there's a bomb threat, and I said I'm not leaving here without my daughter," said Rosada.

Inside the airport, it got tense when travellers realized they had to evacuate and couldn't all get out at once.

"There were about 300 of us lined up and they said ok, we're taking you out 30 at a time and we all looked around like, who goes?"

As of 11 p.m. Tuesday, some passengers were still stuck inside waiting to hear when they could leave and what really happened.

"You hear a lot of stories but the most important thing to us is that we're all safe," said Rosada.