JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The grass has been cut, the units boarded up, but Englewood residents say a vacant apartment complex on Barnes Road is a neighborhood eyesore.

"If you had come last week or the week before you would have seen that the boards were down and people are living there," said Glenda Carter.

Carter and daughter Leslie have watched the apartment complex fall into disrepair.

"Since this property has been vacant and vagrants have been living in there I have been robbed twice," she said.

The Carters live adjacent to the now defunct buildings.

"We'd just like for someone to listen to us about the vagrants," Glenda Carter said.

Leslie Carter said she actually saw someone trying to break into her mother's home.

"I came home lunch time and caught them breaking into my mothers house, I ran inside and got my weapon and try to deter them. It didn't help they took off running," Leslie Carter said.

Suzzane Jenkins, President of the Greater Englewood Neighborhood Association said the property is in receivership. Jenkins said they're working with the city's municipal code enforcement; they do not want it to become a breathing ground for criminal activity.

"Children are back and forth, young kids are back and forth here everyday," Leslie Carter said.

The Carters say it has been more than a year, and they would like to see something done to get rid of the eyesore.

"If they're not going to do anything with it tear it down," Leslie Carter said.