JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Mary Love had some federal business to do on Tuesday. When she arrived she was turned away at the door.

"I told them I need a tax transcript," said Love who madea trip downtown to get information from the IRS.

Shutdown stalemate: Where things stand today

"To be honest with you I really forget they was having this shutdown," said Love.

Some federal offices are closed with employees sent home. One is the Small Business Administration office.

A sign outside the dark office spelled out that a shutdown was in progress.

Nearbyveterans needing help were greeted by open doors and federal workers at their desks.

Not shutdown on Tuesday was Rabbits Barber Shop off Emerson Street.

Local legislators react to government shutdown

Richard Ball says Tuesday started off slow, but he was ready to cut hair.

Gridlock in Washington he says is nothing new, but the timing of shutdown considering the economyhe noted is not the best.

"Butting heads, it's the American way I guess, what else are you going to do," said Ball who because of the economy changed careers and became a barber.