(NBC MIAMI) -- Staffers at Zoo Miami are celebrating the first births of lion cubs in the zoo's 33-year history.

The cubs, two males and one female,were born a week ago but were not separated from their mother untilTuesday, when their neonatal exam showed they are in excellent health,the zoo said in a news release. They weigh between 1.63 kilograms and1.75 kilograms.

There is no word yet on names for the cubs, whose births were announced by Zoo Miami and the Zoological Society of Florida.

"It is a great day at Zoo Miami!!!!" spokesman Ron Magill wrote in an email.

The cubs are being well cared for in aspecial den by their first-time mother, Kashifa, who is one of fourlions in the pride at the zoo, officials said. The lioness and hersister, Asha, were born at the Bronx Zoo in January 2010.

The other two members of the prideare two unrelated brothers, Jabari and Kwame, who came to South Floridaafter their births at the Racine Zoo in Wisconsin in September 2007.It's not known which lion is the father of the cubs, as both males hadequal access to the females, the zoo said.

The cubs were born through carefullyplanned breeding that followed a Special Survival Plan recommendation bythe Association of Zoos and Aquariums. The population of lions in thewild has declined from over 100,000 five decades ago to an estimated32,000 now, Zoo Miami said.

The public won't be able to see thecubs for about three months. That will give them time to bond with theirmother, develop coordination, and get safely introduced to the rest ofthe pride.