GEORGE COUNTY, MS -- A stolen GMC Yukon SUV has been found thanks to a man who was simply scanning land he hunted on using Google Earth.

According to Sheriff Dean Howell, that SUV was reported stolen in March of this year. The victim told investigators it was stolen from a convenience store off of Highway 26 West.

Howell said the man, who spotted the SUV, was initially checking out the terrain that he hunted on with Google Earth. On the map he discovered what looked like an illegal shooting house.

That's when he decided to see for himself. He and his son actually walked up to the exact area where he spotted the image. Using coordinates on his GPS, they found the SUV tucked far back in the woods and covered in brush.

Howell said there was an old logging road, which the thief or thieves might have used to park the SUV there. However, the road is overgrown with brush.

The help of George County Board of Supervisors were enlisted to bring in heavy equipment to access the SUV and remove it. District 4 Supervisor Larry Havard and his crew helped to pull out the SUV.

If you have any information on the theft of this vehicle please contact the George County Sheriff's Office or MS Coast Crime Stoppers at 1-877-787-5898. All tips are anonymous.