SEATTLE -- Some controversial Halloween costumes are causing a stir online, and many parents say they're inappropriate for kids.

Naughty ninjas and naughty nuns might suit a sassy adult on Halloween, but many people believe Walmart's naughty leopard costume for toddlers crosses the line.

"I think it pushes the adult agenda on children and takes away the innocence," said parent Rachel Caprio.

It's not that the sequined dress and the store's devil diva costume are age inappropriate. It's the words "naughty" and "diva" used to describe the garb that's getting attention.

"The outfit itself is cute, but naughty leopard doesn't sound like something a kid should be wearing," said parent Shalene Deney.

Little ones might not understand the adult distinction between naughty and nice, but bigger kids are actually seeking out sexy costumes.

Champion Party Supply sells scores of skimpy costumes for Halloween and assistant manager Erik Warren said one manufacturer has even introduced sexy costumes meant for girls as young as 11 years old.

"They do look pretty much the same as the adult sexy costumes, just a size smaller for smaller younger girls," said Champion Party Supply costume buyer Victoria Champion.

Despite the online controversy over the costumes, sometimes it's the parents -- not the manufactures -- who are sending interesting messages through their kids' costumes.

A Walmart spokesperson said it's never the company's intention to offend any customers and they apologize to anyone who was upset by the costumes.