JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A local man says flooding in his front yard is putting his family at risk.

"All of this right here be flooded," Akbar Perkins said as he pointed across his yard.

Perkins said he has rented a home on Attleboro Street for five years and every time there's heavy rain, he has to deal with flooding.

"It floods out, I mean it be muddy, it's just you can't even come off the porch," said Perkins.

Other properties on the street seem to have similar drainage issues, but Perkins said nothing compared to his. He said he's tried to get the city to fix the problem.

"They came out once, looked, and then left. That was a year ago. They didn't resolve anything," said Perkins.

But this week, after heavy rain, he had a scare with his one-year-old little girl Icesys.

"When I turned around, she was sliding down into the water. I mean it just shocked me. I was in shock and I panicked and I just snatched her up out the water and ran in the house with her. Basically they need to fix these ditches," said Perkins.

Perkins said the toddler was in water up to her neck.He said he's put in logs to keep the water from flowing into the driveway, but that hasn't helped. He says he's being extra cautious with Icesys, but doesn't want to keep his daughter from playing outside.

"I mean it's the yard, why can't she enjoy her yard, you know? This the city's problem, I mean we pay tax dollars and this is what we get," said Perkins.

First Coast News has requested information on Perkins' complaint about the drainage problem at his home. The city Public Works department is looking into the issue.