EAST POINT, Ga. -- East Point Police are looking for suspects in an attempted carjacking and beating of an 80-year-old man.

It happened September 14th as Creston Portis was returning to his East Point home after visiting friends.

East Point Police Lt. Cliff Chandler said the crime hit the police department hard because the victim's son used to be a police officer with East Point. "This crime is particularly disconcerting to us at the police department," he said. "We are particularly concerned at the level of violence that was exhibited by these perpetrators."

Police said Portis was approached by two males and one female after they blocked him in his driveway. They were driving a black Mercedes Benz, according to police.

The two males were armed with at least one handgun and threw a brick through the passenger side window and began striking Portis in the head with the gun.

Portis told 11 Alive News he refused to unlock the door. "He (suspect) had like a 45 (handgun) and he's beating on the window and telling me to 'get out the car, get out the car, get out the car'," he said.

Portis said he heard the female tell the suspects to "leave him alone'. "At one time she said 'come on, let's go, leave him alone'," Portis said. "Then I heard her say 'get his money, see if he's got money'."

Portis said the suspects forcefully ripped his pants and stole his wallet.

The suspects fled the area and Portis said he called 911. He suffered a fractured cheek and cuts above his eye.

Police have surveillance photos of a black male and two black females that are persons of interest in this crime as well as two vehicles believed to be involved. Lt. Chandler said they were using the victim's credit card at a convenience store.

Portis asked why they would pick on someone his age. "What kind of training, home training or life training do they have?," he said. "What kind of character do they have doing something like this?"