JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Yvonne Ward is doing whatever she can to save a local park from closing.

"This park is really important to us," she said.

Carvill Park and Community Center is one of several parks being looked at by the city. With a possible tax hike looming, along with big budget cuts, Carvill could shut down or have its hours slashed.

Ward said it's a big step in the wrong direction.

"That means the kids won't have anywhere to go then it's going to be a high crime area," she said.

Ward went to the community - and in just days collected hundreds of signatures to keep Carvill Park open. Ward presented the signatures to city council and plans to do that again at Tuesday's meeting.

"I'm fighting hard and the neighbors are fighting so hard - that we will keep this park open," she said.

The council member for the area, Denise Lee, told First Coast News she's fought for $57,000 to keep the park open and staffed.

She'll propose the amendment at Tuesday's meeting. It's one of 30 amendments that are expected to be brought up.