JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Tired of not being able to use certain electronic gadgets while flying in airplanes?

This week, the Federal Aviation Administration's advisory panel is expected to recommend easing restrictions on using electronic devices onboard airplanes.

The new rules will likely allow you to read e-books, watch videos and listen to podcasts.

The new rules could go into effect some time next year.


The Waldens, who live in Arlington, say they just want their roof fixed.

Sammie said his family paid more than $4,000 for a new roof in April 2011 and it began leaking months later. He said they've had no luck with the contractor.

FCN called the contractor and the city's construction trades qualifying board. They monitor locally licensed contractors. The city agency says code a compliance investigator will contact both sides to try to get this resolved.

Click here for the Florida Department of Buisness and Professional Regulation's license verification and search.

Click here for the City of Jacksonville contractor license and complaint search


Also in Arlington, Rebecca said she and her husband worked hard to save up $3,000 for a new bed, but it recently started sagging. They were upset over a $50 delivery fee. They mentioned ken's name and her issue was solved.

"Thank you for now letting me now have a good night's rest. I appreciate everything you've done."

This is highly unique and you should not expect this to happen.
But what you should do is take a close look at your contract and store policy. Some places allow months for an exchange or return. Others say all sales are final.


Near the beaches on Beach Boulevard, Robert said he wants sidewalks in his mobile home park.

A front office representative said since it's corporate owned, Robert and others have to fill out a form and corporate will look into things like costs, zoning.

If you want a new sidewalk where you live, the City of Jacksonville website says a way to request one is via a letter to the Public Works director.

Proposed locations must meet certain criteria and have at least 75 percent of households and/or businesses in the proposed area sign a petition. Once approved, it goes on a construction waiting list as funding allows.


An update for you from Bay Club apartments on the Southside. Back in June, Ian wrote to us saying he wanted stop signs installed in his apartment complex.

Management told us they would install signs and they have. In all, management says they spent about $800 and installed 2 brand new stop signs.