JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- We have thousands of people, including children, right here in Jacksonville wondering where and when they'll get their next meal. There are many food banks around town helping to feed our hungry, but they too need help keeping their shelves stocked.

You'll no longer find a congregation on the inside of an old blue church building along St Augustine Road on the Southside. It was built back in 1890 and for the past two years a young girl born more than 11 decades later has volunteered there.

Victoria Johnston is never hungry at night, but at just 10-years-old she knows about the hardships thousands of people in our community come face to face with everyday.

"I think it would be really hard to not have food," said Victoria. "And it would be really stressful on your parents."

The United Community Outreach Ministry pantry serves about 4,000 people annually. It's a tight space but side-by-side little Victoria and her mother Michele stock shelves using every bit of available space, packing away snack packs and canned goods.

"We felt that we could make a difference," said Michele Johnston. "And I want Victoria to know no matter what age, old or young every little bit helps."

Victoria decided to take things a step further. She recently drummed up support from her girl scout troop. Adding some extra hands to the task of organizing and collecting food for those in need at UCOM.

"Knowing that I helped someone just makes me feel really good," said Victoria.

Here are few ways you help to solve hunger for First Coast families.

*Actively advocate for the hungry on social media
*Donate to Second Harvest
*Start a food Drive