JACKSONVILLE, Fla. --Some schools in the Duval County are still working out the numbers to relieve classroom overcrowding.

Parents, especially from the larger high schools in the city like First Coast, Sandalwood andFletcher, have spoken out about higher enrollments and classesbeing overcrowded.

The district says 60 more teachers have been added with six going to First Coast High that experienced an enrollment jump of 150 students afterprojecting there would be a drop in the student count.

One First Coast High teacher, who did not wantto be named, said overcrowding has been a huge problem with administrators asking teachers to "be positive" and implore "patience" when talking to parents. The teacher said they were asked not to talk about overcrowded classrooms.

"We've reviewed every schedule in the district with principals and we are adding positions, we are shifting positions," saidsuperintendent Nikolai Vitti.

He says in mid-October the state will being doing classroom checks on class size. Vitti says any problems being experienced now will be long resolved by then.

"We will do a much better job making class size this year," said the superintendent.

In high school, for example, core classes like for math must be no larger than 25 students.

The district says the problems beingencountered going into the fifth week of school stem from a higher enrollment with 2,000 more studentsthan projected to attending public schools.