JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- It was a gift from her sister, so it had sentimental value.

"The wallet inside was also a gift from my sister," said Vicky Danner.

Last month Vicky Danner's purse was stolen while she was at a restaurant.

"I was shocked that someone took it, that it was gone, that someone stole it," said Danner.

Danner, 65, was having lunch at this Burger King on Fleming Island.

"I had my purse on the seat next to me, and my sunglasses and the keys were on the table," she said.

She was apparently so involved in their conversation she left the restaurant without her purse.She turned around quickly but when she got there it was gone.

Clay County Detective Michael Layne saidsay the person in a booth next to where Danner was sitting saw the purse and stole it.

"He noticed the purse, he collected it, he sealed it somewhere and when he left the restaurant it was gone," said Layne.

Inside the purse, Danner's personal information, her stampsand her credit cards. The cards were used at several gas stations.

"In this case it is about a $350 lost to her which is unfortunate," said Layne.

Detective Layne said while they have the video, they need the community's help identifying the suspects.

"We're looking for someone in the Green Cove Springs, St. Johns County area," he said.

Layne said in thevideo you can see the person with the pocketbook walking out the door. He was not alone.

"I'd like to know who they are," said Layne. "Who is to say they're not involved in other crime in the area."

Layne believes all four individuals in the video were involved.

"We need to identify all of them," said Layne.

Danner has replaced her pocketbook and bank cards, but it may be awhile before she can replace the trust she had in people.

"They're not very good people," said Danner,"they're thieves!"

If you can identifythe individuals in the video call the Clay County Sheriff's office at 246-6512.

Police say purse snatching is crime of opportunity,never give them the chance so do not leave your purse in the car period for starters.

The website reportsthe top three places to have your purse stolen:

The Grocery Store - Turn your back for the produce and it is gone. To avoid this always keep your purseclosed and tie the strap around the cart handle.

Department Store Dressing Rooms -- Keep your stuff secure, never put purseon the floor, hang it on a hook and take it with you even if you walk out for a second.

Church -- Women leave their bags on the pew giving thieves a chance, take it with you every timeyou have to leave the pew.