JACKSONVILLE,Fla. -- Natosha Brown, 39, is proud of Sean,her 12 year old son.

"He's A/B honor roll student, never got introuble," said Brown. "He is very respectable."

The seventh grader is her only child and she is very protective.

Brown said her son's school year is off to a rough start.

"Ever since he has been to that school he's been having problems," she said.

Brown saidher sonattends a neighborhood school, where they're trying single sex classes. She said that is where she believes her son's problems began.

"If they're not taking his book bag, they're throwing his books on the ground," said Brown. "If they're not doing that, they're pushing him, they're shoving him."

Brown saidlast Thursday she was called the school and found her son with a busted lip. It was so bad it required twelve stitches.

"I was very upset," said Brown. "They wanted him to go outside. When he refused another child punched him in the mouth."

She was so upset shealmost gotarrested.

Brown said she complained to the school before this latest incidentbut school officials saidthere's no record of her ever filing a bullying complaint.

Brown has since moved her child toanother school.

"I transferred him on Friday to Lake Forest," she said.

She said no parent should have to experience what she has experienced.

"It hurts because that is my only child," said Brown. "I can't go with him everyday."

Brown, a single parent, saidthere's no room for bullying in school whether it is perceived or it is real.

"The message is bullying should not be okay," she said.

Duval County Schools Marsha Oliver said they do not take it (bullying) lightly.

"We have a legal obligation to investigate every complaint," said Oliver. "Perceived or real."

In this case Oliver said there are no reports.

"Nothing has been reported as bullying," she said.

Under Florida law if believe your child is being bullied you have to report it to the school as bullying, and the school is required to investigate it.

The State of Florida's definition of bulling focus on three points.

Is the behaviorRepetitive?

Is the behaviorIntimidating?

Is the behavioran Abuse of power?

In Duval County the bullying hotline is 904-390-CALL (2255). You can remain anonymous.