JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A local bowling alley suffered minor damage during a fire Tuesday morning.

The fire broke out in the kitchen of the Beach Bowl bowling alley in the 800 block of Beach Boulevardaround9 a.m.

Officers with the Jacksonville Beach Police Department responded to the scene around 9:05 a.m., according to Sgt. Crumley with the JBPD.

Jacksonville Fire and Rescue also responded to provide back-up for the Jacksonville Beach Fire Department.

According to Tom Francis with JFRD, multiple engines and ladders responded to the fire.

Crews are now checking the building for potential hot spots.

Dane Jefferys, an employee at a nearby store told First Coast News the fire was started bygrease in the kitchen.

There were employees inside at the time of the fire. They suffered from smoke inhalation but didn't need to be transported to the hospital.