JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The driverunder investigationby Florida Highway Patrol for a fatal pedestrian accident on San Jose Boulevard and Haley Road Friday night, also has an arrest record.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office says Michael Fortunato was arrested November of 2009 and charged with domestic battery. The officer who responded also noted Fortunato already had a warrant out for his arrest in relation to traffic offenses.

That was a month and half before theaccident that claimed the life of achild. In December of 2009, 6-year-old Kaitlyn Springer was killed while crossing the crosswalk at San Jose Blvd and Kori Road with her mother and little brother.

Fortunato was not charged by JSO, but according to Duval Clerk of Court records, he has numerous traffic violations dating back to 1996.

Fortunato was cited for speeding, running a traffic light, and careless driving.

Records show he also has citations in other counties. He was cited for speeding in St. Johns County and Clay County in 2006 and that year his driver's license was also suspended.

Most recently, Duval Court records show he was ticketed for running a red light camera in April.

Representative Charles McBurney is working to make changes after two accidents involved the same driver.

Fortunato did not respond to a comment request on Sunday, but he refused to answer the door at his Bayou Bluff Road residence.

First Coast News also attempted to reach Fortunato by phone Monday and did not get an answer.

UPDATE: (Tuesday, 4:15) It appears the victims in Friday's incident did not activate the crosswalk button, according to preliminary investigations by the Florida Highway Patrol.

According to Sgt. Dylan Bryan,Fortunato had a green light.

Toxicology reports have not been received by FHP and any charges would be revealed after investigation is complete, according to Bryan.