ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. -- The Gentlemen of the Road Tour was the first concert of its size for St. Augustine. With any firsts, there are lessons to be learned from what was good and what wasn't so good.

As the last bits of the Gentlemen of the Road Tour equipment are moved out, assessments of St. Augustine's big weekend are everywhere.

"Everything went extremely well," Concert promoter and producer Jeff Cuellar said. Even though one of the bands -- fun. -- pulled out at the last minute, John Fogerty was a great person to fill the slot, Cuellar noted.

"The fact was, it wasn't just John Fogerty. The fact is, it was Mumford backing him. That's something you're not going to see again," Cuellar beamed.

And the field did indeed hold a sea of people. Police said there were nearly 23,000 people at its busiest Saturday night.

"I think we've shown that you can produce something of this size on this field with everyone working together. We can have a successful event," Cuellar said.

St. Augustine City Manager John Regan is very pleased with the way things turned out over the weekend.

"There are learning experiences," he noted.

He said the most important element that worked as planned was the shuttling system which bused people from an offsite parking lot to the concert. He said it kept many cars off the roads.

However he said, "Our message was so strong to use the shuttle system and it was so successful that people were worried about the traffic, and that cut down on the local trade for merchants. "

One of those merchants who lost out was Dairy Queen owner Amanda Schummer.

"Our Friday was the worst Friday in three years as far as sales go," Schummer said.

Her Dairy Queen on San Marco Avenue is only around the corner from the concert field, but concert goers appeared to be funneling onto other roads.

"I feel it was all the shuttling, the busing people in," Schummer said.

However, merchants and restaurant managers in other parts of downtown such as St. George Street were slammed with business, granted late in the evenings.

Gregory Carpenter is a restaurant manager and said, "Absolutely fabulous. Packed! Very good business!"

For now, city leaders will access the positives and negatives, saying there are more positives.

Regan said the visitors and convention bureau is St. Augustine is already getting emails from people who went to the concert, saying they enjoyed St. Augustine and will be back.

Regan summed up the weekend saying, "The sense of pride and love for the town by the locals is at an all time high."

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