JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Many on the First Coast said they're still undecided about whether or not the U.S. should get involved in Syria.

Michael Phillips is a veteran. He said the military should strike Syria.

"If I had to vote, being a vet, I'd say go," said Phillips.

He said there should be a strike because people are getting hurt, and President Obama said there would be consequences if Syria crossed the "red line."

"I think he ought to stand his ground -- I think if he didn't stand his ground, then they're going to think the US is being pushed over," said Phillips.

Not everyone agrees. Bill White has done a lot of research of possible military action.

"I don't see any overwhelming reason for the US to get involved in essentially what is a civil war," he said.

No matter what the right decision is, White said it's critical lawmakers take their time before voting on what to do.

" ... We're talking about essentially committing an act of war, that's pretty important," White said.