UNION COUNTY, Fla. -- Life in Lake Butler moves at a slower pace, with no traffic or congestion locals here rush to get a fresh batch of boiled peanuts and some quick conversation.

Steve Henley said, "Everybody shake your hands and help you even if they don't know you, you can act like you're from here whether you're from here or not."

There's less than 2,000 people in this small Florida town that revolves around the concept of one voice, one community. And that means rooting for the Union County high school football team.

Billy Woodington says, "A lot of people were born and raise here their grandfathers played football here they're fathers played football here and it's a tradition."

But, the tigers are fighting for more than a win this Friday night. They're hoping to unite the area.

After last weekend's shooting left three people dead including Mr. Marvin Pritchett who was the head of a local trucking company, life-long supporter of the high school football team and friend to majority of the town.

The community pausing for a moment of silence at Friday night's game as a Pritchett semi-truck circles the field.

Casey Mcdowell Jr., said, "Seeing all my buddies play it's really fun to see them accomplish something in life."

In this case, it's the players that are supporting the town and that has always come out to support the 11 men on the field.