JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A local educator demoted from her position as principal at Windy Hill Elementary has now been cleared of all misconduct charges.

For 35 years, Sharon Sanders has served as an educator. She calls it her passion. Back in January, Sanders was demoted, following an investigation by the State Board of Education.

It found that she violated rules during the FCAT testing.

"She was defamed throughout this whole process with absolutely no basis," said Attorney, Tad Delegal. "She did nothing wrong. And the judge proved that."

In today's ruling, Judge E. Gary Early "Seriously questioned the completeness and accuracy of the conclusions drawn from the investigation." And recommended that the Duval County School Board dismiss the notice of discipline entirely. A move that Sander's, who has been with the Duval School System for nearly 14 years, is now ecstatic about.

"She's absolutely thrilled," said Delegal. "She's been waiting for this for a long time."

Sanders says she'll continue to do what she loves. She's now a district reading coach for the Duval County School system, and hopes to once again become a principal.

But attorney Tad Delegal wonders how often what he calls "faulty investigations," have lead to educators being wrongly disciplined.

"I truly hope that the scholl system not only apologizes to Ms. Sanders, but also takes some action," said Delegal. "To try to prevent this kind of incompetent investigation."

Superintendent Nikolai Vitti says he's disappointed with the judges ruling.

"I think the report and the investigation speak for itself that there was clear violation of the testing protocol and procedures that need to be put in place for a school," said Vitti. "There's a lot riding on these assessments and ultimately, the principal is responsible for maintaining a testing environment that's in line with state statute, and that was violated."