JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Jackie Cruse is on disability and renting a house out for extra income. But, she hasn't seen much of that extra money at all.

"It's a great financial strain on me," Cruse said. "I've only in the last three months, got $100 from him. He's supposed to be paying 100 dollars a week."

She said she's at the point now where she wants the tenant out so she can rent it to someone that will give her the rent.

"We're at the point where I can no longer carry you," said Cruse.

Turns out that's quite a hurdle for Cruse to get over. She's called the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office and started to file eviction papers. She said it's a long process that could cost hundreds of dollars, money that she doesn't have.

"I am definitely heavily reliant and it's not coming in," Cruse said. "That's all she can do."

Patrick Middleton has been a realtor in Jacksonville for 30 years. "She's lost however many months of rent that she's already lost, going to have the added expense of the eviction costs, and then who knows what the tent may go to the place when they leave."

"She could have thousands of dollars in repairs just to get it ready to re-rent again," said Middleton.

"I don't understand this system," said Cruse.

That's why she's starting a push to try and make landlord tenant laws easier on the landlord. She wants to make it easier to get bad tenants out - without having to wait weeks, and spend hundreds.