COBB COUNTY, Ga. -- The murder trial of a Brunswick teenager has ended its first week and adjourned until Monday morning.

Legal proceedings have been moved to suburban Atlanta because of pretrial publicity of the case in the media.

De'Marquise Elkins, 18, is charged with the March 21 shooting death of 13-month-old Antonio Santiago.

Elkins is being tried as an adult, but has plead not guilty to all the charges against him

Under Georgia law, the teen is not eligible for the death penalty if convicted, but he could get life in prison.

Prosecutors have argued to the jury that Elkins attempted to steal atgunpoint the purse belonging to Santiago's mother, Sherry West.

West, according to prosecutors, was walking home from the post office while pushing her son in his stroller around 9:15 a.m.

Much of the attention in court Friday was spent on a video that has never been seen publicly.

It was taken by Glynn County Police the morning after the shooting in the same location where Santiago died.

The defense objected to having it played in open court, but the 12 jury members were able to see it.

In the video, Dominique Lang, 15, is seen showing Officer Roderic Nohilly what he says happened minutes before the horrendous crime.

Lang is also charged with murder for the child's death, but is not on trial right now.

Lang has admitted to being there at the time of the shooting, but insists Elkins is responsible.

He tells Nohilly in the video Elkins slapped West in the face with a gun while trying to steal her purse.

"She was like 'No, stop,'" Lang said.

He also said Elkins was counting down from five before he told West he was going to "shoot her baby."

He said he saw the gun pointed down into the stroller at Santiago, which is different from what he said on the witness stand.

This week, Lang testified he only saw the gun pointed downwards in the general direction of the stroller. He never said it was specifically pointed at the toddler.

Lang has consistently said he heard three shots.

In the video, he tells Nohilly he saw all three and that all three happened while he was trying to run away.

"I started jogging. Heard first shot, started running," he said.

But in testimony this week, Lang said he did not see the third shot.

Nohilly in the video even had Lang go over the steps of what he says happened multiple times.

Lang said Elkins started running after him after the third gunshot.

Nohilly testified Friday about what the state believes is an incriminating interaction between police and Elkins as Elkins was being taken to jail.

Nohilly reported Elkins saying to officers, "You ain't got s***. No gun. No fingerprints. All you have is a f****** acquittal."

Nohilly testified that Elkins then paused, smiled at officers and said, "Oh, you got the gun?"

Elkins' defense again tried to dismantle Lang's credibility to the jury.

Nohilly confirmed for the defense that Lang lied during police interviews and interrogations.

The defense took it a step further, though, by also trying to attack Nohilly's credibility as a police investigator.

Nohilly admitted to lying during his police investigation, but told the jury it is necessary sometimes to gain criminal information.

An forensic expert with the crime lab at the Georgia Bureau of Investigation outside Atlanta also testified Friday.

The state called Sarah Peppers to try and poke holes in one of the defense's theories.

The defense has suggested the toddler's parents, Sherry West and Louis Santiago, were involved in the fatal shooting.

Part of their case is to show the jury the two had gun shot residue on their hands.

Peppers confirmed that to be true during her testimony, but she said that does not necessarily mean they fired a gun.

She said forensic testing cannot isolate one individual reason for why someone has gunshot residue on their hands.

"They could have fired a weapon, they could have been in close proximity to a weapon when it was discharged, or they could have come into contact with something that bares gun shot residue primer. The test itself can't determine which of those scenarios happened," she told the jury.

The defense filed two motions for mistrial within minutes of each other during Peppers' testimony.

Superior Court Judge Stephen Kelley denied both.

Peppers said there is no report indicating Elkins was tested for gunshot residue.

West was shot in the leg prior to her son being shot, but she was not seriously wounded.

More testimony is expected Monday morning.

District Attorney Jackie Johnson said Friday the state has 22 more witnesses to call. Roughly 12 have testified so far.

West is expected to be on the witness stand early next week.